5 Fun EGG Ideas!

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6:00 AM
We love eggs.

We eat a lot of eggs.
And we write messages or draw faces on all the hard cooked eggs,
so we are sure to get the right ones into the hubby's lunch!
Could do something fun for April Fool's!

Check out this Giant monogram I made with egg boxes!

I did an object lesson for some young ladies a while ago...
but it's perfect close to Easter.
I spoke about being clean and pure on the inside as well as the outside.
I hollowed out 2 eggs (I did more just in case they didn't work...)

I poked holes in both ends of the eggs and blew out the yoke and whites.

One egg I rinsed with water and left clean.
The other I used a syringe and filled it with a
 water and cocoa powder sludge.
I swirled it around inside the egg...and taped
over the opening with some duct tape.
I let it dry overnight.  Then I cleaned off the egg.

For the demonstration I held the top and bottom of the egg,
strategically covering the holes.
I cracked open the one that was clean inside first...then spoke about
putting unclean things into our minds and bodies...
and cracked open the filthy egg.
The youth and leaders were shocked to see the
 thick (now dried) brown gunk inside.
Object lesson winner.

And last year I tried cooking eggs in the oven, to see these spotted creature eggs...
now this is not the way I hard cook our eggs...

Hope you know how much we love eggs,
but rarely decorate them for Easter!

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