Everybody loves Pie!

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Everybody loves Pie!
This year was my fist year ever having full charge of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Just my family and me.
Well, I simplified the holidays a lot.  We got a rotisserie chicken...we had 
sweet potato oven fries...that sort of simplification.  
However, I did make pies.  I had never ever made a pie before, 
only seen the wonders of it done in the kitchen with my mother-in-law and sisters.
I made pumpkin, and they were great topped with whipped topping.
We ate the pies for Thanksgiving day breakfast so we were sure to have room for them!
Everyone was thrilled and loved them...couldn't get enough...
But they were a lot of work.
Well I just discovered Mrs. Smith's Signature Deep Dish pies.
They are beautiful and very thick pies, each with a yummy sauce!  
Why didn't I think of that?
There are 4 Signature Deep Dish pies:
Dutch apple with caramel sauce
Cherry with Butter fudge sauce
Peach with cream cheese icing
Pumpkin with cream cheese icing
These would be fabulous and help me to simplify
 the process of holiday cooking even more..maybe for Easter!
And give everyone in the family a wonderful variety.
And they could all customize it to their liking.
I know my husband loves Cherry Pies...I'd go for the apple with lots of the caramel sauce! 
I love that crumble topping on the apple pie, so delicious!
Of course, I would have to try a slice of each...never had peach pie before...sounds amazing!
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What kind of pie would you try?
Do you make your own pies or buy them?
What's your favorite?

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