Doctor Who Inspired Party Clothes!

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If you are having a proper Doctor Who party, 
everyone will want to dress the part!
I asked each of my kids what they wanted...

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I asked my son what kind of Doctor Who related
 shirt he wanted for my Doctor Who party.
He quickly replied "judoon!"
Well, as you can imagine...finding a silhouette picture
of a Judoon guy is pretty hard to do.
So, I took this picture below and opened it up in photoshop.
I opened a new layer and had my 10 year old son,
 trace the important lines with the paintbrush tool.
When we were finished we had a great file for the General of the Judoon!
Then it was easy to put this file into silhouette studio and have it cut out my heat transfer vinyl!

We added the first words you hear the Judoon say on Smith and Jones.
Bo Sto Fo Jo No Cro Blo Co So Ro
Make sure you reverse your image when working with heat transfer material.

Weed out the excess and it's ready to iron on!

2 minutes of ironing right on the plastic!
I use the tip of my iron and make sure to get each individual line.
 Unique and totally one of a kind!

 My son is such a CLEVER BOY!

I asked my 8 year old daughter...DALEK SKIRT!

Super Duper Simple skirt.
4 panels, all the same.
2 rows of "eggs" as we call them...
 Used a free motion embroidery foot on my sewing machine to stitch on the dots...

First time using it too!  They are sewn kind of crazy with swirls and loops too!

All 4 panels sewn together and then hemmed...sewn onto a big 3" wide elastic waistband!
 With a tulle under slip for the most fabulous Dalek Skirt for an 8 year old ever!

And my sweet 4 year old boy...
"A Fat Baby shirt!"
He loves the Partners in Crime episode with Donna and the Adipose babies!
Same technique as the Judoon shirt...and so cute on my skinny little boy!

 He was ultimately THRILLED!

I've got lots of other Doctor Who related stencils too...
check the 'freebies' tab above!

And with everyone dressing the part,
You'll have a fabulous party!
(Full Party Planner up and coming!)

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Holly said…
I love the Judo on! My favorite is the episode when David Tennant speaks judoon super fast.
Holly said…
Sorry, my tablet keeps changing judoon to judo on.
Christina said…
I love them! The Dalek skirt is just too cute!
Hykel said…
Love Dr. Who! I'm really enjoying these projects. Looks like you'll have a great birthday!
Unknown said…
Hi I just found your blog! Great shirts! Do you have any idea how I could do something similar without photoshop? My old version of photoshop will not work with Mac anymore. Thank you so much!