Doctor Who Week Valentine FREEBIES (Part 2)

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6:00 AM

Isn't this Doctor Who Week awesome!?!!
This will seal the deal for sure!
I did some Valentine printables last year here...
Now that it's actually close to VALENTINE'S...
 I've got a TON more today!
For Personal use only...I spend lots of time making/designing *gift* to you!
They are 8 by 10 can print them yourself
or send them to an photo place!
Here's the layout of 9's...and the one from last time too!

I had these 3 pages printed at Walmart's 1 hour photo...turned out pretty great!
(before I finished the last nine valentine's)
And the case you want to do some wall art or something!
If you do use these, I would LOVE to see pictures!!!  email me!

Amy in the girl that waited...makes me bawl...ugly cry when I watch this episode!
Yes, 2
Excited to see how Clara Oswin Oswald fits into the story!
Oi, stupid face!
Information: Heavenly hosts are creepy.
Weeping angel valentine!
The genetic transfer between smith and jones!
Another from the Girl that Waited...heart wrenching!
The Doctor's wife...the it!
"I think you call me sexy"..."only when we're alone"..."we are alone"...
Captain Jack Harkness...the Face of Boe
 Dalek supreme
 Doctor Who #9, Fantastic!
 Souffle Girl!!!
 A Perfect 10!  Love the 10th Doctor!
 Little Quote from Fear Her...

Love this!
 K-9!  Affirmative!
 Rose Tyler meeting Captain Jack
 Shakespeare Code with Martha Jones...quote from Lilith the witch
 The Silence!  Freaky!
 Blood of your species!
 I love the Sycorax!  They Rock!
 Had to write this one out!  Too Fun!

Hope you have a Tardis to hold all your Valentine's!

Happy Valentines to WHO!!!  :)

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