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No Doctor Who Party would be much fun
 without some fabulous party favors!
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Here are 5 easy DIY one's!

Faux leather Tardis Journals!

Begin with mini composition books.
I used a 1 1/4" square and punched a bunch of squares.
Then I took a 1 1//2" square and cut around it to make a skinny little square frame.
 Then bust out the LOW HEAT hot glue gun...

It helped that I had nails to hold onto the square while running
a line of hot glue all around it...but I still managed to stick my
 finger in the glue...a yes, low heat.

Stick them on the composition book.  They will rise slightly off the book because of the hot glue.
Perfect for the relief!

Then I used mod podge and glued 2 layers of simple white tissue paper over the top.

Let them dry.

Then I took them into the garage and spray painted
the tops of the books TARDIS blue!

After they dried, I used craft ink in chocolate chip to sponge on some distressing ink!
 Perfect!  Rustic and worn, faux leather journals!

Bow Ties are Cool!
Next we made a pin back bowtie for all the guests and some extra for decor!
 We made these with red fabric and red grossgrain ribbon.
And hot glue!  Easy peasy.
Here's the step by step...for more detailed instructions go here.

 Perception filter Tardis KEY necklaces!

Get some keys.

We used glitter nail polish (93 cents at the mart) Starry Silver Glitter...
 And painted generous layers on the keys!
We used a white cord for the necklace!

Psychic Paper!
"I have my credentials...if I may?"
 We used a rectangle of black or blue felt...
a rectangle of white cardstock and a piece of plastic the same size...
 And we just hot glued the paper to the felt...and the plastic on top of the paper...

We folded it in half...and to keep it closed, we sewed a little hem right down the edge.

And then let the kids decorate their psychic paper!
 Let it dry and ta da!

 Gift bags for Doctor Who Party Loot!!!

Aquire some bags...Tardis Blue, yes please!
 We used heat transfer vinyl like the t-shirts, and
customized everyone's bag!
Feel free to use the following images for PERSONAL use only!  :)

Tardis Blue Gift bags available in my Etsy Shop.

Now you've got amazing gift bags and lots of fun 
Doctor Who party favors to fill them with!
Come back tomorrow for the full Doctor Who Party Planner!

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Whit said…
Nice job Nat!

I don't know if you remember but I'm the one who did the Tardis Suitcase.

I have to say I think my favorites are the dalek skirt and I really love the garland you made! So cute!

My husband is impressed :)

Whit @ The Busy Broad
Unknown said…
Wow!!!! Those are great ideas! I love all of them. Will try this. -
apology89 said…
What type of paper did you use for the little squares on the River Song diary?
Unknown said…
These are great ideas! I am definitely going to make the journals! I love it.
Unknown said…
I really love those little notebooks! How creative of you to make your own party supplies! I love this idea and I love Doctor Who!
Unknown said…
Can you tell me what color/brand of spray paint you used..going to try to make these for my daughters birthday bash..thanks also..I found I could not get a 1.5 square punch on the books..I had to use a 1" then make the frame with 1.25" books measured exactly the same as yours..odd..
thanks for info ..they look great!