Upcycled Book Page Glitter Pinwheels!

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8:00 AM
Upcycled Book Page Glitter Pinwheels!
Book pages are so darling and these pinwheels are full of summertime!
These are fun and whimsical...and really work!  Unlike these ones from yesterday!
They would be darling paired with book page rosettes!
Cut your pages into squares.  Then fold them diagonally both ways.
Cut the folds about 3/4's the way to the center
like so.
Add some glue along all the edges...
Dump on glitter.

Dust off and pour excess back into jar.  I love this chunky square glitter...

Use a straight pin and poke through the flap of the pinwheel.

Then the same side on the next flap...

Then the same side on the next flap
Then the last flap.  I pierce the pin through a tongue depressor...not thick enough...

Pencils work great.  Poke the pin right into the pencil eraser!
I settled on using a dowel...just used a hammer and
skinny nail and poked the start of a hole, then inserted the
pinwheel pin and hammered it in just slightly more.

Added a pearl embellishment over the pin head.
And blow!  Perfect and spinny!
I grabbed a cream pitcher...and a styrofoam ball.
I cut the ball so it would fit inside.
then filled the inside with stryrofoam...using the scraps to pack it tight.
And arranged the pinwheels like a bouquet centerpiece!
Fancy Autumntime decor!

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