Skeleton Shirts!

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6:00 AM
 We had a blast making SKELETON SHIRTS!
Get a black shirt...mine was on it's way to the trash!
Splattered with paint, holes and just plain worn out!
I found some for my 3 monsters at the Dollar store!
Stick a flat rate post office box inside your
 shirt for the perfect working surface!

We each got a large piece of FREEZER Paper...
like THESE shirts.
And we all drew out our bony ribcages

They were all different!
 Then we cut them out, keeping the negative space.
Then iron the shiny side onto your shirt!
 I made the 8 and 10 year old do each step of this on their own.
It was hard, but they loved it!
  #3 wanted sharp bones, so his bottom ribs are
broken...and he loved painting it!
 They used a stencil brush and acrylic craft paint!
  They picked the color of bones they wanted...
I did my bones white...
but it looked like it needed something!

I used another piece of freezer paper and sketched
on 2 hearts around the top ribs.
(Time Lord, right?)
Cut it out carefully and ironed it right
over the top of the painted bones!

Painted them pink!

Remove the freezer paper while it's still wet...

and then let them dry.

Ready to wear!
 And we may have had too much fun with
 the timer setting on my camera!
Here's 3 of the 100 we took!  :)

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Unknown said…
Love the shirt, love the pictures too!! :)
Anonymous said…
I want to do a freezer paper stencil for a shirt. But I have to see all the tutorials I can so I'm most comfortable when I do it for the first time. If your kids can do it, I should be able to do it! :)
Jenn said…
Fun idea. I bet the kids loved it.
KaitlinManness said…
Is the acrylic paint washable and does it crack?