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 My husband and I are trying to watch what we eat...
 We discovered something we love!
We call it the Pizza Diet!
The way we make it makes perfect little 100 calorie pieces...

Grilled Pizza.
Here's how to make it.
Heat up the grill.
Take your pizza dough
(here's where I cheat...I use my exact same 30 minute roll dough recipe...
and just add 1 additional cup of flour)
Then I split the dough into quarters.
You can bag them up for later if you don't want 4 pizza's!
 (just store in the fridge)

Take one ball of dough.  Roll it out on a
cookie sheet (spray with non-stick spray)
and flatten it out.
Just set it on your low warm grill!
Cover and let should get slightly bubbly.
 When it's toasted on one side, use 2 spatulas to flip it over.
 Then immediately put on all the toppings!
Pizza sauce (we use Garlic and Onions spaghetti sauce from a jar)
 Add your toppings and a little cheese...
 Don't over do the cheese, this will keep the calories down.

 Everyone here helps!
 Cover it, keep it low and let the cheese melt!

Then it's done!
Put it on your cookie sheet and cut it up!
 You'll love to experiment with different toppings!
It's good with barbecue or buffalo sauce and chicken...
Our favorite?  Grilled chicken, bell peppers, onions,
 mushrooms and mozzarella!
May I live a 1000 years and never cook pizza in an oven again.
Or order pizza.
Or get pizza delivery.

We eat Pizza about 5 days a week!
Pizza Trumps Everything!

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Annie Rose said…
These look so yummy! :)

The AFA Sunday post didn't go live.. FYI

Annie Rose