Nail Polish Fun!

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6:00 AM
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You'll be able to tell your keys apart, or just make them
 look way better with a little nail polish!
 I painted with white polish first...
 Then colors...I did hot pink and teal...just cheap old polish!
 ta da!

Next up:
Upcycled makeup compact with Nail polish!

 She loved painting them, but felt silly using them!
That's cuz her mom lets her use real make-up
 whenever she wants...which is rare.
Oh well, we will pass them on to some cute little cousins!

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Iwona Spychała said…
Now I know what to do with nail polish in crazy colors to paint the nails did not dare to use :) It's so easy and so funy! My keys will look just like yours. Today. Have a nice day!