Lego Man Crayons!

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6:00 AM
Make Lego Man crayons!
First gather crayons.  Old ones are perfect.
Discard any black or BROWN crayons.
(I didn't omit the brown...but you should!)

Peel off labels, and chop up into small 1/2" size pieces.
We used a kitchen knife and a cutting board...

Put your pieces into the desired molds.
We have a lego man mold.  You can get one...
or make your own molds with silicone putty!

Melt in oven...slightly.
takes about 5-8 minutes at 350*F
If it over melts, you will get brown.
Cute little tie-dyed guys!

And bricks...
And the Millennium Falcon.
We packaged them up for the kids to
give their friends for Christmas!

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Wendy said…
Where did you get the Lego man molds?
Trina Lorde said…
I am blown away by your blog. I found it via a page of yours on, and I went to the blog because I wanted you to get whatever ad money was going rather than only instructables making money off of you -- and I noticed something right away when I got to the blog. You haven't monetized it. I'm sure you have your reasons, but it would make me (for one) feel good to see someone like you making money from your hard work instead of the hordes of obnoxious people that are all over the web spouting off about nothing in particular and raking it in. Think about it, okay? You could have them only way down at the bottom so they don't interfere with the overall look of the blog, which is great.
Unknown said…
I made these with my boys this summer and it was so much fun! I am loving your blog! New follower here and I would love for you to visit me and join my site as well!
I love these- what a great idea. I will keep these in mind I am sure we will have a Lego party at some point with two boys. Love your blog feel free to stop by mine.
Unknown said…
what temp did you cook them at?
Unknown said…
I have lego man molds for ice cubes...but can't find anything on the packaging to say if they are safe for the oven...(it does say ok for dishwasher though)
what do you think? should i go for it?