Craft Room Organization!

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6:00 AM
 When we moved across the country,
I did a "less-than-deal" job of packing up my crafts and supplies!
It totally sucked.

So when we moved in, I was exhausted from everything else...
that things just got PUT away!
In a HORRIBLE arrangement.

So bad, that when someone said
"hey mom, do you know where some popsicle sticks are?"
I was like..."I know I have some somewhere!"

So...I got re-motivated to make sure everything had a
 home and that I knew where they lived!
All photos ended up on the clothespin wreath...
 I labeled all my bins and drawers...
Some of my stuff hanging up...Princess Leia and Han Solo
and Love at home...Pony perler job charts
I unmounted my rubber stamps a couple years ago!
Takes up WAY less space!  I love that!
(and weighs 46 pounds less!)
 Made sure that the kid friendly things were in kid's reach...
 I love organized crap!
Now when you ask me where the tie wire is...or the jump rings...
or the gold chunky glitter...
I can answer with confidence!
It's hard to feel like you are losing your mind
because your things aren't organized!
 Strangest thing I labeled...wrappers.
I know.  Someday (hopefully soon) you will see what that means!
For custom silhouette instructions go here.
Copic storage here.

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  1. You amaze me! What a fun room and mama to do all this stuff with. I suck at organizing....I'll come dust and mop for ya though. Great work!

  2. I am way jealous!! And I'm really excited one of the cards from my party is on your card stand (the brown and teal with the typewriter :)


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