LaLaLoopsy Dollhouse Upcycled Craft!

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Upcycled Shelf into a LaLaLoopsy Dollhouse!
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This was a project that my daughter and I did together.
Hailee is 8, she is sooo much fun!

She actually seemed like she was growing out of these dolls
 a little...until we made this house.  Now they are the cutest
decoration, even if she doesn't always play with them!

We began with a sad little bookshelf.  
We got it free from our neighbor.

Hailee painted it.  Top floor pink, bottom floor blue!

Let it dry...

Then bust out the major adhesives!  Spray glue and the Hot Glue gun!

I cut colorful scrapbook paper to fit the floor size.  
Sprayed on a little spray adhesive and stuck them down.  
Could use modpodge and seal it a little, but we didn't bother.

Next, the decorating!  We picked a fireplace tile contrasting paper...

Used big popsicle sticks to make a shabby 
Home Sweet Home sign!

Cut a chair railing from the junk pile in half with the bandsaw.
Add a popsicle stick on top for a fireplace and mantel! 

Great fit, now for paint!
We spray painted it silver...

 Black paper glued on the wall, then hot glued on the fireplace.
Hot glue the sign up...and hot glue the fire in place!
We needed some wall art, so Hailee drew up some darling 
pictures to fit our tiny ornate curly vintage style frame
 we found at a yard sale for 10 cents.

So cute right?  This gives it the personality it needs!

Top floor finished...except a window seat added on later.

We had a wooden box we spray painted and 
glued paper on for the dolls toys!
Really, they come with soooo many accessories 
to keep track off, this is perfect!

I took some scrap foamcore and cut 1 1/2" strips...
used the hot glue gun and made a bookshelf.
Don't look too close, it's not all squared...whatever.

There was a spot of black paint on the background shelf paper, so 
My daughter drew a little boy picture and I hot glued it right over the paint!

Perfect accessories shelf!

Another frame with a portrait of Pita Mirage!  So cute!
My daughter is such the artist!

 We cut a paint stick into 2 little squares for their message center.
One we did with cork, the other chalkboard paint.
 The bedroom needs a window, so my little artist was at it again!
Even a sweet little button sun!
We framed the window with pink popsicle sticks and hot
 glued it right on the bedroom wall!
The bed was a piece of foam sewn right into a pillow case of fabric.
Double foam for the pillow and stitched straight to show the differnce
between bed and pillow.  Cute right?  Fully washable.

Hung the message center next to it...that's a math worksheet!
Such a cute addition from Hailee!

At the last minute I used the rest of the painter stick and 
made a bench seat for her smaller sized lalaloopsy dolls...
so they fit right in!
 Here's the house, glued and unoccupied!  Room for Rent!

Lots of fun playing and lots of variety!

At first, I was not thrilled with these dolls...but they have grown on me.
They are really cute.

 Blonde sisters: Spot Splatter Splash and Scribble Splash
and 2 littles: Pita Mirage, Trinket Sparkles...

So. Much. Fun.
The best part was letting my daughter add her flair!
She is a crafty little woman in the making!
Now it's in her room and it's the perfect place 
to keep all her dolls organized!

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What a great idea!! I love it!
Unknown said…
My daughter flipped when she saw this! She has been making Lalaloopsey houses out of cardboard boxes. She has fun, but they are NOT as pretty as this!
areneelamb said…
Your daughter is a talented artist for an 8 year old! The dollhouse is too cute!
If you're in need of LaLaLoopsy party supplies, check out our site!
Awww, we love LaLaLoopsy, just gave two of the sweet little dolls to my God Granddaughter! I'm a new follower, and there may be a bunch of stuff at my blog you would like for yourself and little girl!

xo Nancy
Unknown said…
Lovely!! ♥
Swing Life Away said…
Where did you get the couch that the Lalaloopsys are on? I've been looking for alternative couches since the Lalaloopsy ones are so hard to find.