Kid Friendly Wood Block Nativity Set!

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I've got these stickers here in my ETSY SHOP!
 Buy some and make a Kid Friendly Wood Block Nativity Set!!!
 I got this Nativity Set kit from a friend and let my daughter put it together for us!
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 Nativity scene could use vinyl or rubber stamps to
 make the perfect Kid friendly Nativity Set!
And some wooden blocks!  These are cut to the stickers size and are 1 inch thick!
 We painted the top of the block with a white wash, just so the stickers
would show through the best!
We cut the stickers and lined them up...
 Applied them to the blocks...
Decided the edges needed some stain.  Used Dark Walnut...
 Perfect!  A Nativity set you can use in Primary, with the kids or grand-kids!
and keep them away from this one!

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Arts and crafts, in my opinion, is a huge source of fun and learning for kids. Here your kids can show up their hidden skills, which is a proud thing for parents.
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Stacy and Blair said…
Where did you find those stickers? I've been searching everywhere and I can't find these cute ones.

Amy said…
I would also like to know where you got the stickers. This is such a great idea for kids. Thank you for sharing.
Unknown said…
Ditto to the sticker comments. I love yours and I can't find cute ones anywhere!
Doodlecraft said…
I've tried to respond to your individual comments, but no success.
I have Nativity Stickers available in my Etsy Shop on the sidebar now! :)
Liz said…
Hi, I bought the stickers from your etsy store but I was disappointed to find that Mary , Joseph and baby Jesus are all on one sitcker instead of 3 different ones like you have. But still they are very cute and thanks for the fast shipping.
thall said…
Can I get Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as each on theur own sticker??

thall said…
Can I get Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus as each on theur own sticker??

Unknown said…
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