Upcycled My little Pony figurine necklace!

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6:00 AM
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Thanks to a favorite sister-in-law,
we LOVE My Little Pony!

My daughter and I found these little 
pony mini figures at Walmart for $1.99
We couldn't resist...we might have purchased a bunch.
And we got our favorites: Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity!
(Rarity is my fav...)
We decided to make some jewelry, so 
we could bring our toys to church!
Great way to upcycle old toys that no longer get played with!
I wish I still had those Smurf toys...

Start with a small eye screw.
The plastic is soft enough to allow you to
 press it in gently and twist.
Don't over twist, but make sure it feels secure.
We thought the Pegasus ponies 
looked so cute for a necklace!
We put a lobster clasp on the screw eye
 to make it an interchangeable Pony charm!
Then just hook onto an existing necklace or a chain!
These are a huge hit with girls under age 10...
My girl loves it!
And a thirty something year old gets a lot 
of compliments when she wears it too!
Love wearable toys!


Xayide2 said…
Look for the new wave of those blind bags soon. I like my MLP necklace. :)
This is adorable - oh the possibilities!!
Saw you on TT&J!
Ash said…
Just made one of these for a MLP Birthday party we got invited too. My daughter is soo excited to give it and for us to make one for her. Thank you for the FABULOUS idea, I would have never thought of it. And it was soo simple!! Thanks!
Anonymous said…
This is such a cute idea for my daughter.

BTW, my smurfs is one of the few toys I did save from my childhood :0)