Spray paint NERF guns!

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6:00 AM
We are cool with guns.
Child #3 loves guns.
As in, everything becomes a gun.
A stick, a rock, a cheeto...so instead of
 freaking out and panicking about guns,
my husband teaches him how to properly use a gun.
They clear the house together, it's pretty adorable.
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Well, dad got a pretty sweet nerf gun for Jare.
And they decided to spiffy it up!
Spray paint is magic!
They took it apart, masked all the light up parts...high quality paint job!
Here's how it turned out!
 Since dad doesn't have a crafty blog...he doesn't do before pictures...
so here is the back of the box...this gun was very orange and green.
Now it's ready!
 Now other guns are getting cooler too...
Some people are wondering why you would
want a nerf gun to look like a real gun.
Well, because you can!  To each his own.

Just don't carry it into a bank or the post office.



Gabriel said…
You are very cool!