Cub Scout Day Camp Hat Makeover!

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6:00 AM
So the 10 year old had Cub Scout Day camp all week...
Monday evening he came home with a super cheap wickery-woven hat.
Since it's outdoors, they gave everyone one...

Well, if you live here, nothing stays boring for long!

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It was just a stiff wicker cowboy-esque hat.

Dad mostly initiated the hat decorating spree...but we all joined in.
Spray painted it lightly with black.
Gathered random supplies...he is a cub scout after all!

Dan and dad carved up a leather name plate...

And the decorating began!

Swept up and tacked side like an Australian 2 tones!

Horns, eyes, a lego guy...the flag has is troop name for the camp on it...

a peacock feather, jewels...

scrabble letters--9 points! And a watch...

It was a big hit on day 2! :)
On day 4 (yesterday) another boy came with a 
blue spray painted hat with a lego guy tied on!  
What a leader!  :)


Charlotte said…
Cool! Just wanted to stop by & say hello. I may not comment but I am visiting and enjoying your posts. Stay Cool!