Table and Chairs!

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10:00 AM
 So, one of my yard sale "must finds" 
was a round table and chairs...
We had a rectangle table in a round nook.

I stumbled across a church sponsored
 yard sale somewhere here... and there 
was such a table.
It was covered with donuts and coffee...I guessed it
 wasn't for sale, but thought I would ask anyway.

"Yes, yes, it's for sale!"  said a particularly cute Chinese lady.
"how much?" I asked.
After conversing in Chinese to a few of the other
 ladies around she came back to me and said
"Twenty dollar"

Now, I've been to yard sales where they want
 $10 for each chair, so I had to clarify.
"$20 for just the table, or for all the chairs too?"

everything...table and 6 chairs!

I paid them happily.
They cleared off their coffee and donuts.
I unscrewed the legs on the table and we crammed all 
the table and chairs into the back of the subaru.  
The whole time other Chinese ladies were saying the
 same thing over and over in Chinese...
I am pretty sure it was "it's not going to fit!"
But it did.  :)

So, 6 chairs.
My hubby got right to work!
I sanded the chairs, he used gorilla glue to fix any broken legs...
He told the kids he was using the power of monkey's!
 We painted everything black...
 Perfect for now.  I can see this set becoming a 
multi-color set a year or 2 from now!

I love blessings like this!
I know that the Lord watches over me.