Fancy Wood Family Photo!

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10:00 AM
I had a bunch of extra MDF board in the garage 
when we rented the house...
FREE right?

I used newspaper as a pattern.
folded it in 4th's and then cut the curly edge I wanted.
Laid it on my board and traced it.
 So I used the bandsaw to cut the awesome edge on the boards.
Then I used the router to give it a finished edge.
You could just sand it smooth!
 I had a heck of a time getting these pictures printed.
Walgreens wouldn't let me pick up the pictures I uploaded
 and sent to their store online...they said I needed PROOF 
that they weren't copyrighted. 
I was 30 minutes from home and told them I 
wasn't going to come back if I left.
They were so rude and refused to sell me 
the already printed pictures.
I left in a huff.
I uploaded the pics to Walmart and went and
 picked them up an hour later.
No problem!
 I set out plastic bags for a drop right?
 I painted only the top and edges with that white paint 
I got for another project for 50 cents!
 After it dried, I sanded the edges just a tiny bit.

And used spray adhesive and a brayer to adhere
 the picture to the white side of the board.

 Put some hanging hardware on the back.
2 screw eyes and a wire.

Lovely.  I love it!
This was my Mother's Day gift to myself!

 Thanks to my friend, Jodi for taking the pictures 
that were too professional for me
 to buy at Walgreens!  :)



Unknown said…
Nicely done! :D
Unknown said…
You are sooo creative, this is just beautiful! Here from I heart naptime, now following :) Tanya
Kristin said…
I love these frames! Now I need to go see if we have a bandsaw out in the garage, lol

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