St. Patrick's flashback!

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10:30 AM
Because we were just getting settled in 
here during March,
we missed a lot of blogging!
Here we decorated shirts from the dollar store 
for St. Patrick's day!

Step one, insert scrap cardboard into shirt.
 I just let the kids loose.
For the 3 year old, I painted a clover and told him to color it in.
 He informed me that he wanted it to say "Lucky Boy"
And then he was done and ran off to play.
The others were much more dedicated and 
spent a lot of time on their shirts
 Although she was disappointed that all we
 were using was green paint.
She did a great job anyhow!
Lots of fun!
So much, in fact, that Mr. 3 came back to
 decorate more on his shirt!
 So it turned out like this!
It was great!  We painted on Thursday and 
the wore them Saturday!
Happy St. Patrick's day flashback!  :)