Princess Love Therapy!

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10:30 AM
After finding this on my 7 year old daughters bed:
I realized something needed to be done.
(and no, not a "paint the bed" tutorial)
My daughter is passionate and emotionally driven.
Because of this we had frequent drama.
Like instant tears anytime something set her off...

My 9 year old son said
"Mom, she cries so much!  Do all girls cry this much?" 

So here's what I decided to do.
{And it has been an amazing 3 weeks!}

At night when I tuck her in bed...I make her
go through her Princess Love therapy.
She was super reluctant at first, but she loves it now.
She has to hold her Magic Mirror...

She starts by looking at herself and telling herself 10 things that she is good at.

Then repeats 10 times that she will control herself.

Then repeats 10 times that she will control her emotions.

Then the last is just for us...
(but we've had no problems so far!)

Twice now, I saw her super close to "loosing it",
I quickly said "control your emotions" and
instantly she was able to calm herself down!
We haven't as many had tears or fits.

I am posting this, because I feel super blessed that
we have had such success with this...and I really
hope that it reaches to others.

Really, who doesn't need a little positive reinforcement?
I should starting doing this too.



Unknown said…
Great idea and thanks for sharing!
This is such a fabulous idea! I have a 9 year old, super emotional, little girl who would greatly benefit from this exercise! I shall start our therapy tonight! Gosh you're awesome! Thank you!
saraH said…
Oh, this is a genius idea, thank you for sharing! I think every girl should do this, whether for emotional or not, for self confidence as well. I'll now be searching for a fancy princess mirror for my two girls. :)