Santa Claus is coming to town!

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10:30 AM
Shhhh!---don't tell my kids! 
{and kids, don't read this...} But...
We have this amazing neighbor that looks like Santa!
In 2004 we asked if we could make him a Santa suit
and if he would come to our yearly parties!
He was more than happy!
We made a Santa and Mrs. Claus
{in case his wife wanted to dress up too}
Here we are...costumes done.
{my hubby is too skinny to be santa!}
 So every year since 2004, Santa has come to our parties!
This is the only Santa my kids know.

2008 pic MIA...
We had to shut down our business January 2009...
so that year, Santa came right to our house!

For the year 2010 and this year...Santa 
showed up at our ward Christmas Party!

It's easy to believe in Santa when you've
seen the same one your entire life!
Thanks Santa!


Kristin D. said…
So who plays santa. Do I know him?