Gingerbread Houses!

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10:30 AM
 We got together with some friends and 
made gingerbread houses!
It was sooo much fun!
This is an activity that small kids to 
adults will just LOVE!
Seriously, candy therapy!

Start with a structure.
We used Royal the glue.
The kids made simple houses.
I cheated and made a bigger house.
PS...go to your grocery butcher and ask for some 
styrofoam meat trays...I got them free 
and they were perfect for this!
 Add Candy.  Eat some.
 I wished we had some Necco's, but couldn't
find them at any close stores.
So, I opted for a scalloped roof.
the kids used smarties...
 I might be obsessed with the heart shaped candy canes.
I did it on both ends of my house.  
I am sort of a symmetrical snob.
 Oh yah, Rock candy is awesome too!
Spice drops are a must.
Happy Holidays!



Unknown said…
gingerbread houses are fun! :)