Candy Cane Heart Pops!

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10:30 AM
  Here's a Christmas treat that was actually pretty fast.
About 20 minutes.
It would work for Valentine's day too!
Candy Cane Heart Pops!
Start with mini candy canes!
(I got a box of 30 for $1)
 You'll need sucker sticks...mine are 8"
(4" would have been fine, but I was all out!)
and a cookie sheet!
 Arrange the unwrapped canes in heart shape with stick in center.
Bake in oven 350* for about 2 minutes.
The canes will soften.
 While they are warm, pinch the candy together 
at the top of the stick and at the 
bottom of the heart shape.
  Once the candy has cooled, it will hold together!
(it cools pretty quick!)
It's super cute just like this!
  Then I used a plastic tray 
(wax paper would probably work better)
Pour a couple spoonfuls of melted 
chocolate into the centers!
(You could then decorate with sprinkles or whatev)
 Allow them too cool.
I had one casualty...out of 15.
  This is a Stampin Up stamp colored with copics.  
I used my silhouette to cut the stacked tags!
 Wrap and tie!
(reasons to love bakers twine!)
Super sweet gift bouquet!
They'd be great for Valentine's too!
So if you don't get around to them this month...

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Unknown said…
I saw this amazing idea when you posted it on Newlyweds on a Budget. I put a link on my blog at that time! It's a great project...thanks for sharing!