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Cabbage Patch craze!

Back when I was growing up...
Cabbage patch kids were all the rage!
I love that they are back for our daughters to love too!
We were "poor" or frugal or whatever growing up...
and my mom would make everything!
{I guess I take after her}

So she made these mini sized cabbage patch dolls!
--to die for cute!  They are 6.5" tall!

 Look at this intricate stitch work, just for my little doll!
I named her Jessica (I know, not a cabbage patch name)
and made her a dress and a diaper.
 My mom made hers with hair and a bunny outfit!
{and since she passed away, I've inherited it as well...sorry Janell}
I think they are darling...but I don't 
think I'll be making one anytime soon!

1 comment:

4you-withlove said...

Your mom did a wonderful job! :)

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