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Little Hands!

When Daniel, my first, was born...
I noticed right away that he was special.
These tiny little fingers.
 {When I saw them...my first thought was 'hide them'...
and within seconds I realized that was a stupid thought 
and that I needed to make sure they were 
Dan's most valuable asset!  Years later when Hailee,
my second was 4...she asked if she could cut
her fingers off so they would be cute like Danny's.
  Yah, I'd say we made them pretty special.}
 Okay, gloves are a different story...
But every year I take some time to custom fit his knit gloves.
{pins-through-the-fingers party trick!}
 Kinda lumpy looking...but better than flappy.
Having never had full sized fingers on his right hand, 
I love to watch him pick things up with is pinky and thumb...
Children are so amazing and adaptable!

1 comment:

Shabby chic Sandy said...

That's so adorable what Hailee said. Aren't kids the best?!

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