Halloween costume week

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10:30 AM
My hubby and I met on Halloween night!
I am the one on the far left...he is in the 
middle surrounded by my friends!

But long before our love story, 
is a love story about 
It has always been my favorite!
I LOVE to dress up!
I love to wear make-up and excess amounts of glitter!
I will dress up for any reason under the sun!

So for a few years at our Martial Arts school,
we would throw huge Halloween parties!
You could only get into the party if you were in costume.
We would vote for costumes, and the winner
would get a samurai sword.
For this week I am going to talk about and revisit
some great Halloween costumes of the past!

Hopefully inspiring you!

Starting with the basics!
If you have some great Halloween basics in your box,
your costumes will be easier to throw together!
(note: I do not ever buy pre-packaged costumes...)

*Black long sleeved shirts
*Black pants
*Corsets (this are essential for women)

Todays topic:
*ROBES!  (every costume could do with a great robe!)
could be hooded and sleeved or capes!
{{I don't know where you live, but here...it's cold on Halloween!
Some of those *ahem* store bought costumes
do not take weather into consideration!}}

When you are throwing a quick costume 
together all you have to do is grab the foundation,
add some accessories and make-up!

A Jedi/Sith costume is masterfully done one year...
 And a Ringwraith the next...using the 
exact same robe and foundational pieces!
Also a last minute costume scramble looks great with a robe!
Lacy cloaks and capes are great for a formal look...
Or made to match a specific dress!
A great robe uses 5-6 yards of material.
A great cape about 4-5 yards...
So, Robes are probably my favorite Halloween item.
Come back tomorrow for accessories!



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