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Halloween Accessories!!!

It's all about accessorizing!
 Even a little girl knows that shoes 
are a critical part of dressing up!

Changing your height drastically is an 
awesome addition to a simple costume!
Like this 7 foot tall scarecrow!
(my hubby)
I don't dare wear stilts...but I have been
known to wear a 6 inch heel!
Quality materials are great accessories!
If you are going to wear bull horns and chainmaille, 
they might as well be the real thing!
Even my 4 year old knew that!

My favorite Halloween "go-to"
item is the CORSET!
Oh, here's the robe again!
 P.S., wigs are rad too!
 Ahh, same corset...2 totally different looks!
I had 2 identical corsets that hook up
the front, and lace up the back...
I took half of the white and half the black for this 
award winning "Split Personality" costume
my sister did last year!
Another fab corset for the Shepherdess
{with Wolf costume!}

 Ahh, eye accessories!  What an instant change!
 Love this single white eye...
 Halloween contacts are amazing!

 One of the best accessories I've seen was this:
 Yes, a real Ball Python.
and my sister...the jungle girl

Come back tomorrow for Make-up!



AguasGirl said...

Yea! I am cool with my snake!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea,Another fab corset.

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