The Epic Fail Fail Fail Table!!!

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10:30 AM
I got this white table...the top surface is really bad,
so I patched it up...but I figured I would do a stencil 
or something to break up the top so you 
don't just see the imperfections.
 Primed it and painted it gray

Cut a geometric stencil out of some plastic...
 sponged on some paint...
peeled the stencil to see this crap!
 Wiped it off and started over...must be the stencil.
So I taped off a sort of geometric chevron pattern...
with scotch blue (it's supposed to be awesome, right?)
 Got it painted...
 and peeled it off to see this crap!
Then I decided to try a different approach!
3rd times a charm right?
I ran to the store and grabbed a million paint chip cards...
had to go back a second time, cuz a million
wasn't enough apparently!
 I used mod podge and glued down a ton of circles!
 there was one just slightly before it dried 
completely I tried to remove it...and flip!
The entire surface removed!  Ahhh!
Totally peeled up...completely in one piece!
 I am left with this crap!
So I took it outside...resprayed it gray.
and it sits, gathering dust...
until inspiration hits again!

Ideas anyone?


Pearl Girl said…
Thanks for posting this, it really makes me feel better
It is nice to see not everybody's projects turn out perfect every time. Now if it were me I would do a lace technique like I recently posted--it was so easy. Of course you have to like lace, and I love lace.
Mrs.Canuck said…
How about a games table? You could glue down a scrabble board and adjacent letter holders, or a board to some other game you & the fam enjoy! Lego table for boys? glue down the green, gray or blue pieces and let them go to! hope you find some inspiration :)
XoXoEtcetera said…
After you tape it off or stencil, you need to paint your base color again and let it dry or you will get the edge bleed, I don't care how good the tape claims to be. Just use good ol' masking tape if you want, but paint the edges and let it dry first before you do your actual design and you will be ok.