Deseret Industries

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10:30 AM
I've had a couple comments asking about the D.I.
The DI is one of my favorite stores!

"""For over 70 years, Deseret Industries has been in the business 
of transforming lives. Currently our 45 locations serve 
individuals in seven western states. We look forward to 
serving you at your local Deseret Industries.""" 

Basically like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Non-profit...all money goes to schooling and
education for their employees.
They have humanitarian warehouses as well that 
benefit other countries and disaster relief that
uses most of what is donated.
Only about 10% of what is donated actually ends up for
sale in the it's not just a bunch of old crap.
They can really chose the best things to fill the shelves.

Love it!
here are some of my great DI finds:
phone: $5
Box $3
 jewelry thing: $4
Lights: $4
 Coat of Arms: $5



Kristin D. said…
Another thing about DI is that the majority of usable donations are sent out to humanitarian needs. Plus, the wood furniture in the stores often is made by people with disablitlies that are being taught skills by DI. It is whole wood furniture and good quality and really good prices. So when we move back to Utah in the spring, you can bet we are buying our beds, dresses, mattresses (they make those too)there.