Mirror #5...mirror cutting mini tutorial...

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10:30 AM
Let's say I got this awesome 
frame at a yard sale for $1!
I needed a mirror that would fit it: 12 X 16"
The glass place I called said a mirror that size would cost $16...
I could not justify.
what to do?

I found this Ikea mirror at the 
DI thriftstore for $3!
I can do that!

I also found my husbands tile popper...what?
Glass is like tile right?

I figured if I totally shatter the thing, I'm not out much.
Worth a try.
so, I used a piece of heavy cardboard to lift the mirror 
to the height that tile would normally be.
I measured and scored the glass...

I remove the cardboard and use the pressure thing
to pop the mirror along my score line.
Doesn't take much pressure...easy does it!

Pretty great cut!
Onto the next side!
Did I mention, I'm barefoot...no gloves, 
eye protection...nothing!
don't do that at home!

On the other cut, the scoring worked, but didn't pop it all off...
Never fear...
Pliers are here.

slid my mirror to the edge of the table and just 
used the pliers to nip off the extra edge.
Like so...

And then just clean up the sides a tad...

The edge doesn't have to be perfect, 
since it will be behind the frame...
just don't cut yourself!

(left side, rough edge...no biggy)

The painted, glazed frame with cover it anyway!
I think I am going to acid etch this mirror first though...

The mirror I used for Mirror #2 on Tuesday I cut myself...

Hope this was insightful...
even just into my cheapness and thoughtlessness.
Come back tomorrow for more mirrors!

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