Chainmaille armor!!!

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2:27 PM

So...My husband and I love chainmaille armor!
We bought a ton...from here.
Yes, this gets pricey...

My husband has made a several shirts and coif.
one of them is 50 pounds!

He made me a shirt too--and a purse!
It's aluminum, so it's light weight!
I wear it to church and everyone loves it!

Then we decided to make some:
Armor of God!

So the boys get to wear armor to church!

Everyone in the world loves it!
...people always say we should sell them...but so far we
haven't met anyone willing to pay $200 for a tie!

But my daughter and I feel left out on Sundays!
So Wednesday, we busted out the extra rings
and made some necklaces!
Have I mentioned that I do things in bulk?

The first one I did...
Red chainmaille, huge pearls and vintage crystals!

Start with supplies:
Chainmaille rings
(mine are anodized aluminum, red)
2 Pliers
Chain, pearls and crystals
eye pins

Here's the basic 4 weave...simplest of the weaves

Then I just added and extra 3 staggered on each side...

Linked the patches together with chain...and pearls...
but it didn't feel like enough bling for me!

I didn't want it super symmetrical either...

I busted out the vintage crystals...hooked on a few of those

And ta da!
Now I can proudly wear armor to church too!
Next is Hailee's!
(ok, it was made for my neck...)
This chainmaille weave is thick like a rope...
I did a choker and then added some big chunky pearls!

These flowers are a Japanese weave!
I used silver and blue anodized aluminum rings!

Next, I did a patch of just silver rings...and
hooked it up to some silver chains...
Love the simplicity...but the awesomeness!
I've seen some in stores quite similar to this!

This is a black 6 weave choker...
I hooked a flat silver pendant onto it!

Love having one-of-a-kind jewelry and ties!
I'm all about attention!


the nayz said…
These are A.MA.ZING!! I can't pick a favorite. Although, those ties are just too adorable. Good luck with CWTS. You got my vote.
Christa said…
owww wow this awesome i have never see this , wow creative familly you have, hugs christa
Jenni said…
That is ALL amazing, and hands down unique, too! :) I love the necklaces you made, they are gorgeous! And those ties are so cute! Good for you for entering this is Crafting with the Stars~ I hope you win! :)

Wow! Very impressive! Visiting from Tatertots & Jello.
-Lidy said…
Gah! I love it! My son has been doing chainmaille for years. He made his brother a tie for his graduation. He too, says it takes so much time to make that it's not worth trying to sell it. :) I LOVE the necklaces.
Lolly Jane said…
Holy clever family, Batman! I wish my hubby would get his creative side on! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

And thanks for linkin up w/ us @ Whatcha Got Weekend!!!
Wow you have been busy! I can't believe all the clever things you've done with this material. Amazing stuff! Thanks so much for sharing this at my Fab Friday linky party.

Warmly, Michelle
These are amazing. I will be featuring this tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
Very nice. Do you have tutorials for some of the necklace weaves somewhere? I love the versatility of chainmaille
SLY said…
These are awesome. Do you have the instructions for the one done for Hailee?
Doodlecraft said…
I don't have instructions for it, sorry!