Unmounting stamps...

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10:30 AM
{ I did this and posted it last summer on my family blog...}
I am so glad to have way more space!

 I just finished UNMOUNTING all my rubber stamps!
  It was a long, sticky process!
The bags of removed wood blocks weighed 32 pounds!

Before: 82 cases and 11 background stamps
(all the plastic cases are stuffed full of rubber stamps, 
some multiple sets per box--people would see my shelf and say 
"Holy freak--are those all stamps? How many do you need?" 
My answer? All of them!~)

After: Down to 25 cases
(Exact same amount of stamps...but it really
looks like I desperately need more stuff!)
Since the redo...I have moved my stamps to a dvd case...
still loving that unmounted magic!

 Directions for unmounting:
microwave your stamp for 3-8 seconds, this will loosen the glue.
Peel off the rubber and foam together...
carefully peel the sticker off the top of the block and 
adhere it to the top of the foam with glue...
(I used tombow)
Let that dry.
 Then use a foam brush and lightly paint a thin film of 
all over the top of the sticker!
Allow this to dry overnight.
Then it's done, trim any necessary parts
and stick to an acrylic block!

This took me about 4 serious days of work for 85 sets...
Worth every second!