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Love old keys!

 Aren't these cool!!!?  I love old keys!
My husband collected a bunch all growing up, 
and they've been sitting in a gallon sized ziploc bag for 11+ years!
They deserve to be out and coveted by all!

{but at the rate my kids want to look through them 
and claim them for their own, 
they may end up on a high shelf at some point}

But since they are out for little wandering eyes, 
I wanted a really great saying on the jar...
This is the one I picked,
"kind words will unlock an iron door"
(its an old proverb from somewhere)
I explained the meaning of it to my 8 and 7 year olds in the hopes 
that they will remember it everytime they want to see the keys!
Check out Sundae scoop at I heart naptime!

1 comment:

My Scrap Diary said...

I dont blame your kiddies for wanting some new keys to play with. Those look cool. Thats a great jar. And collecting keys can be a great way to remeber lots of things

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