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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bill's Color Block Shirt and Wow Patch Jacket--Doctor Who Cosplay!

Bill's Color Block Shirt and Wow Patch Jacket
 Doctor Who Cosplay!
We've only seen a glimpse of the Doctor's new companion Bill.
Her clothes are fun and trendy--this is the look I'm going for!
Can't wait for Season 10 to start on April 15th!

Denim jackets are all the style now--finished off with a slew of patches!
My friend, Melarky, made this custom WOW! patch for me.
Check out her Etsy Shop to get your own!
I did the design work in photoshop for this vinyl bag post, and sent it off to 
So here is a simple Cosplay of Bill that you can throw together for 
Comic Con or some other fun geek inspired night of fun!
Let's start with a fun black and white color blocked shirt!
It totally reminds me of the 80's--especially Bill's with the face...
 I bought 2 shirts at the thrift store, both the same size, style and brand.
 I took the white one and stretched it out smoothly on the cutting mat.
 Used my ruler and centered it.
 Then cut it straight down the center.
 Rotary cutters make this a dream, scissors would be so hard to cut straight.
 Then divided in to thirds.
Right under the armpits, then the cut 5.25 inches from the bottom
leaving the center piece 11 inches.
 Just like this.
 Repeat exactly for the other shirt.
Okay, here's the weird part...these shirts were slightly different lengths,
so there was a 1/2 inch I removed completely.
Now it is just putting the right pieces together and sewing it back up.
Starting with the armpit pieces.
 And continuing alternating colors and pieces.
Essentially you could make 2 shirts, if you want,
they will just be opposites!
 Place the right sides together and sew in place.
Line up the 4 way intersection right in the centers.
 Repeat until complete!
 Flip right side out and ta-da!
Fabulous color blocked shirt--and a great refashion if you are
getting tired of 2 of your shirts!
You could use heat transfer vinyl and add the face if you want,
but we decided to just go with the shirt color-blocked.

Next you'll need your WOW! patch and stitch it onto a denim jacket!
Again, purchase your own Wow! Patch from Melarky on Etsy.

I used thread and needle to tack the patch on since we are using it for cosplay.
But make it permanent by ironing it on with a tea towel over top.
Stitch it in place if desired!  The patch comes with heat adhesive on the back side,
so it is easy to cover with a light towel and iron gently...like I did on this She-Ra patch here.
My denim is a bit dark, but works!
My motto is Rock what you've got!
 Perfect cosplay look for Bill!
Now you can fix up the hair however you like it!
Add a necklace and maybe a bow and ta-da!
It's an outfit to say Wow! about!
*thanks wind*

More Doctor Who fun, cosplay and crafts here!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DIY Sonic Screwdrivers or Lightsabers!

 DIY Sonic Screwdrivers or Lightsabers!
Okay, in conjunction with the Doctor Who week, I thought designing some
fun Sonic Screwdrivers would be awesome!
The trouble is, they turned out looking like Lightsabers from Star Wars!
Either way, they are in the geek fandom world.
 And lit up they are wonderful!
 I got these fun supplies from Oriental Trading!
Fiber Optic Wands
And Black and Silver Duck Tape

Okay, the fiber optic wands all arrived NOT working.
My husband used a tiny screwdriver and opened the battery case,
fiddled with the batteries and got them all working.
 Next the fun.
Just using black and silver Duck Tape to decorate the hilts!
 Pieces wrapped around the hilt and layered.
Just don't cover the button.
 They look awesome!
They do totally look like lightsabers...let's be real.
 And they look so much cooler than the original!
They are perfect for party favors.  Imagine inviting over a bunch of little
Padawans or mini Time Lord's for a birthday party and letting them
 each decorate their own!
 We turned off all the lights and danced around.
No sword fights...just fun twirling and spinning!
 They are so much fun!
I love sci-fi geekery!

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This post published on Doodlecraft first 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Doctor Who Inspired Wow Canvas Bag!

 Doctor Who Inspired Wow Canvas Bag!
This bag is 100% Wow!

Totally inspired from the sneak peaks of Doctor Who: Season 10 coming soon!

Bill, the next companion wears this cool jean jacket with a Wow patch!
It's super cool, right!?

So let's recreate this look on a denim drawstring bag!
I got this cool bag from Oriental Trading.  It's thick and decent.
Not super big, but big enough for a notebook, coloring books, markers and a waterbottle!
 Let's get started.
You will need an iron
Denim bag
Heat transfer vinyl

This is the vinyl I used, it's glittery and works wonderfully!
I used nearly all of it.
 I used photoshop to design this image and separate it into 6 layers.

If you want the individual layers they are on a separate post...but are freebies.
Then I imported them into Silhouette studio and traced the cut lines.
When using heat transfer vinyl, make sure to flip them horizontally so they are cut in the reverse.
Then had them cut into the 6 different colors of glitter vinyl.
 Weed out the excess vinyl.
 Start with the blue oval.
 Iron on the plastic for a couple minutes.
 Then layer the yellow, then the red...
letting them cool in between.
 Then the black outline.
Then the highlights.
Use just the tip of the iron when doing the highlights.
Don't press the metal of the iron on to the glitter, if you have to iron it,
place a tea towel over the top.
 It's wonderful and sparkly!
I love the layers of glitter!
 This bag is a perfect onomatopoeia!
Wow!  Pow!  Boom!
 Great for a Doctor Who party filled with favors!
Or just perfect for a geek and all their geeky belongings!

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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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