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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

House Update!!!

We got a house!
This is our first home since we've been married nearly 16 years ago.
I am so excited!
 Here's a quick House Update!
We had a very dated but functioning kitchen and we tore it apart.
Tomorrow we will remove the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

We had a well constructed, yet strange scallop wall separating the living space
and we removed that.  It will be changed to a wood beam.

We had a single doorway into the kitchen...and tore that wall open.
I love how much bigger the house feels now...plus I can still be with the family and fun,
even if I am in the kitchen!

There was a built in shelf...that was 2 feet shallower than the space it occupied...
so we removed it to use elsewhere and opened up that space for a built in desk/workshop.

And the master bedroom had 2 closets with crappy doors.
We removed all of that for a big open concept closet!

I can't wait to see the AFTERS!

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