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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Leather Carved Stick Barrette!

Leather Carved Stick Barrette!
This is a Celtic knot carved hair barrette that my 12 year old son did!
 My husband did this leather carved book cover last month...
and it's got us all excited about leather carving!
 So Dan took a turn.
He used an oval blank and followed the carving
instructions from the Deluxe Leather Kit!
 He used rubber cement and glued the leather to some lightweight chipboard.
Then he got the leather wet.
He traced on the pattern with a metal stylus.
 Carved the border...
 And carved the knot...left handed too!
 He used the beveler and pressed down the edges...
 Punched 2 holes in it, 1/2" from the side.
 Added some background and his signature...
 And some decorative cuts and some seeder stamps!
Then he antiqued it with dark brown leather dye.
Easy and impressive!
 Looks great!
I've got some for sale in my Etsy shop too!
Leather carving is a fun hobby!
It's been fun for everyone in my family to try their hand at leather work!
It's high quality and lasts forever!

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