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Friday, August 15, 2014

Seashell Memory Frame Keepsake!

 Seashell Memory Frame Keepsake!

We took a trip to the Gulf of Mexico in June.
It was so much fun!
We soaked in the sand and sun!
I loved it.  I can totally see myself becoming an old lady beach bum!
I also totally love collecting sea shells.
 But what to do with them besides throwing them in a box or bag?
I decided to make a keepsake memory frame!
I had this chunky wood frame from Michael's.
(I did a rolled paper frame here)
Anyway, this is way faster!
All you need is an unfinished wood frame, shells and hot glue!
 I didn't prearrange where to put them.
I just put some hot glue on a shell and then stuck them on randomly!
Trying to give all the frame one single layer of shells.
 Then layered on additional shells...coral bits...and even a crab claw!
 Put some burlap in the center...
 And put our treasured Sand Dollar...
 Right in the center of the frame!
 I love the texture and the simplicity!
 And that little claw!
 Gorgeous Beachy memento of our trip!
I love it!
 What do you think?

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Janine said...

I just found a lot of shells a week ago and wanted to make a frame. I researched online to see what was the best glue. I found your blog post and you inspired me! Thanks! Here is what mine turned out like. http://www.joyfulwonder.com/2015/03/02/diy-shell-frame-project/

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