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Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas in July: Chevron Star Wreath!

 Last project for my Christmas in July!

 To make this festive Christmas Wreath...I first needed
 some great fabric!

But I didn't have any on hand...and wasn't sure
 if I could find Christmas fabric this time of year...
and I am cheap anyway...so here's what I did:
I have lots of scraps of white cotton material.  No stretch, and pretty thin.
So I laid it on a piece of cardboard...
And used this chevron background stamp I made...
but if you don't have a stamp, you can always use a potato!
Yes, potato stamping...coming soon!
I used a palette pad to stamp my paint on...
but wax paper would work great too!
Try to give it good coverage...

And stamp away!

I used leaf green, light pink...

Added some crimson red and hunter green...sort
of a Christmasy ombre effect.

Let those suckers dry...lots of mistakes...
but you will never be able to tell.
Plus, I like the rustic handmade look!

Okay, now I cut slits in one edge of the fabric...

And tore them into long strips!

I used a hard foam wreath form...I found at goodwill...
but you could make one with a pool noodle!
And I spray painted a tin star gold.

Took the strips and hot glued one edge to the
 wreath and wrapped it around tight!
 Kept wrapping the strips around the wreath...
I love how the chevron shows through and all the colors too!
 I used the very last strip to tie the star on
 and tie a knot/bow for hanging!
You could get fancier and add a bunting...or something.
I went with simple...spotlighting my fabric that I am so proud of!
 Christmas can come now!  I am ready!
Hope you have been inspired to prepare early...or at least have
 some ideas to pull things together last minute!
Come back tomorrow for a big wrap up!

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jazs07 said...

Thanks for sharing the patterns, well just in time as I am looking for a new hobby to deal with my spare time this season , Indeed this Wreath is perfect for this coming Christmas, luckily I got extra plain Fabrics.

jazs07 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
StephMc said...

Was the info about the "Potato Stamps" ever posted? I am very interested!! I have searched and scanned, but have not found anything on it!

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