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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Woolen Elastic Headband

Woolen fabric, lined with fleece, connected with elastic!
One fabulous headband/ear warmer...
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I used this same woolen fabric from Wholeport
 that I used for my Mittens tutorial last month!

As well as some white fleece and half inch white elastic

I cut the fleece and the woolen fabric the same size and
 sewed the 2 long edges...so it was like a tube

Then some friends delivered a plate of treats...so we took a break and ate them!

Then I folded under the edges and stuffed in the elastic and sewed it in place!
Done...I though I would tuck and handstitch the ends under...
 like this, but didn't end up liking it...so I clipped the thread and was satisfied!

And so was she!  Love the colors, they go with everything!
I just need to make it a few inches longer on each side to cover the
ear and double as an earmuff headband!

Linking up to THESE parties this week!


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