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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Porcelain White Nativity Set

 Porcelain White Nativity Set
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 I got this Nativity for a newly married Christmas gift...
I liked it...but didn't love the cheesy coloring...sorry if you are a fan!
Too Ronald McDonald for my taste.
 And that reason alone kept me from
putting it out for the last 2 years.
 So I remedied that!
I sprayed them all glossy white!

 I really love the simplicity of the set now!

Linking up to THESE parties this week!



city said...

thanks for share...

Kassandra said...

what a great idea! I´ve becoming so tired of my old brilliant-colored nativity... You definitely inspired me to change it for this year! (It´ll be a WHITE Xtmas after all LOL)

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