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Friday, September 16, 2011

Star Wars Nerds

So, Star Wars saga released on Bluray.
Not that I am rushing out to get it...
but I love Star Wars.
I may have a secret crush on Han Solo.
(I mean, Darth Maul)
 I love that it's connected so many generations.
My husband saw The Empire Strikes Back in theater...
I loved them as a child as well.
 My son saw The Clone Wars in theater...
We love it.
Happy Star Wars release!


Love&Marriage said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. love yours! You are always welcome at mine!

Kristin D. said...

I am a Star Wars nerd too. Those costumes are amazing. When we move to Utah I am going to come hang out with you one day and see all your crafts and things.

mamalade said...

Its a big dream of my housband, but germanys are bored. I like your fortos, and the kids looks wow.

Sorry my english is not good, but this post are so cool!

xoxo mamalade

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