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Custom Printed Wall Art with Canon Pixma Printer!

I received a Canon Pixma Printer iP8720 in exchange for this fun post! 
All opinions are my own.
Giant 13x19 print with flowers and pineapple printed off canon pixma printer
We just repainted and redecorated my teenage daughter's bedroom and love it.  We upgraded the bed and added calming blues.  It just needed some fun colors and a gallery wall. 
I am super excited about this Canon printer!  It has the ability to print as large as 13X19" and as small as 4X4"!  I love the versatility of printing large scale prints.  It is easy to set up and start working with.  The printer is big, but condenses a great deal for storage.  Then setting up is just extending the top and bottom trays. 
It comes with the ink cartridges and separates the tri-color into 3 individual pieces, plus they have a gray for the best image and color tones.
I used the bluetooth mode and linked it to my ipad using the Canon printer app.  It was simple and effortless to get a giant 13X19 print printing!
I designed this fun print to match my daughter's newly decorated bedroom, matching the colors and the bedding...plus a pineapple, she loves pineapples.  The colors are bright and vibrant.  They printed EXACTLY as I hoped and designed.  This printer is exquisite!
I printed off 2, one on matte paper and one on glossy.  I love the glossy!  This changes everything to be able to print big posters, perfect for school projects, room decor, even a home business.
Looks perfect on the gallery wall in the bedroom.  I have so many other fun printer ideas, so stick around and you'll want this printer in no time!  If you are in the market for a printer, this one is amazing!
Check out Canon on:
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Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas with Desk Space DIY

Post includes products received from Sherwin Williams.  All opinions are my own.
#sponsored #ad #SWColorLove #roomrefresh
Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas with Desk Space DIY
Updating a girls room is so much fun--especially when they transition from girl to teen.  This room needed to have desk space and be a much more relaxing haven for moments of alone time.  We incorporated lots of elements and re-did the room on a strict budget!
 This was her room when we first moved in.  After painting the walls white, we filled the walls with diamonds and confetti.  They were so cute and fun for 2 years...but really busy.  I don't think they helped her relax and feel calm...a little too chaotic, right!?

The worst part was peeling the vinyl off the walls.  Don't put vinyl on your walls!  I read everything I could about removing it carefully.  We used a blow dryer and heated up the vinyl before peeling it off.  This worked on SOME of the vinyl we used.  I thought we were in luck and the removal would be a blast.
But, Oh No!  It was disaster!  The white paint, the previous paint and the drywall board peeled off in chunks.  I just sighed, knowing it would be so much more work.
Sherwin Williams to the rescue!  I used this Shrink-free spackling and patched the wall.  It dries fast and doesn't shrink!  Then sanded smooth and wiped down.
Once the walls were prepped, we were ready to paint.  I knew we wanted a blue shade for a calm oasis.  We picked "Raindrop" by Sherwin Williams in satin finish.  It looked much bluer than anticipated when I opened the can, but on the walls it looks perfect.
Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint is a dream!  It is paint and primer--plus stain blocking power in one!  Additionally, it contains anti-microbial agents to keep mold and mildew from growing.  The coverage was amazing and dried perfectly.  After the first coat dried completely, we painted a second coat.
I love blue!  I am so glad my daughter picked the color I wanted!  The other walls in the room we painted with Sherwin Williams Extra White SW 7006 in satin finish.  
We let the paint dry for a couple weeks...mostly because summer got away from us.  We upgraded the twin bed to a full size and made a bigger bed frame out of materials we had in the garage.
We built a desk out of garage bits and pieces and the building blocks for the room were complete.  The desk was essential for art, sketching, journaling and storage.  Easy to fill the walls with cork boards, canvas paintings and prints.
The blue wall is a perfect backdrop and pops with the white.  It is relaxing and calming.  We also bought a weighted blanket to help reduce anxiety and it works like a charm. 
We kept the diamond light we made a couple years ago.
Check out this Diamond Himmeli light tutorial too!
I love having a room that will transition as she does.
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Fabric Covered Cork-Board Craft with Polaroid Snaptouch Camera!

Polaroid Snaptouch Camera received for post.  Affiliate links included. 
Fabric Covered Cork-Board Craft with Polaroid Snaptouch Camera!
My daughter is 14 and needed to upgrade her youthful bedroom into something much more age appropriate.  She boxed up her old toys, very triggering after watching Toy Story.  We painted and bought new bedding...as well as building a bigger bed frame and a full desk.  As part of her office space, she requested a cork board.
 No cork board is complete without adorable photo's on it.  She got this Snaptouch Polaroid camera and invited her friends over for a photo shoot!  Check out more information at MeetPolaroid.com
 It's easy to use, like a digital camera.  Has a flash and everything.

Polaroid Snaptouch Camera

 The beauty is that it prints out without ink, because of the special ZINK paper.  You navigate the user-friendly menu and select the pictures you want to print out.  It's nice that a bad picture doesn't automatically print like the Polaroids of the olden days.
 Select the print button and within minutes, a perfect photo appears!  Pardon my dark photo, it was getting late when I took this.
 Let's make the cork board now!
You will need:
Spray adhesive
Hot Glue/Gun
We got an old frame and removed the glass and backing.  Then painted the frame pink.
 We picked fabric that would match her room and had a roll of cork in the closet.
 Cut the cork to match the size of the backing cardboard for the frame.  Use adhesive spray to adhere the cork to the cardboard, then staple the edges.
 Place the fabric face down on the table and place the cork board on top.  Then hot glue and fold over the fabric edges to the backside of the cardboard.
 Then fit the fabric covered cork board back inside the frame.
 We put some of the printed Polaroids on cardstock and cut them apart.
 Then hang the cork-board and pin in the Polaroid photos!  Perfect addition to a teenager office space.  Come back tomorrow for the full reveal.
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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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