Twisted Turban Headbands DIY

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 Twisted Turban Headbands DIY
You will need 4-way stretchy fabric like jersey.
To make one headband you will need:
2 pieces: 5 by 21 inches (or the distance around your head)
You can mix and match the colors of fabric too!
 Take one piece, fold right sides together and stitch down the 21 inch side,
using a narrow zig-zag stitch (this will help it stretch better)
 Repeat for the other side.
 Then flip them right side out.
 Place them in an X
 Fold the over to meet itself on the other end.
 Then do the same with the other piece.
 Then pull them out straight.
 And fold them over on themselves to line up the open loose ends.
 Sew all 4 layers together with a straight stitch.
 Then flip it around so the seam is on the inside and wear the twisted headband!
 It's super cute and easy to make!
 I made a bunch of these for girls camp!

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