Monster Pencil Case

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 Monster Pencil Case
This posted last year on Oriental Trading Blog!
I recieved the supplies from Oriental Trading in exchange for this DIY craft!
These are so much fun to make with children.
Let them design the monsters face! 
 You will need:
Plastic Snaps and Setter
 First you will need 2 sheets of felt.
Hot glue the 2 pieces together all along the edge.
 Fold up the bottom edge and fold down the top like an envelope.
 Mark where you want to set the snaps.
Poke the awl through the top 4 layers of felt, but not the back 2.
 Use your snap setter and set the snaps.
 It looks adorable just like that!
 Now glue the sides of the envelope down.
 Let cool completely.
 Now the decorating!
Add anything you can imagine with felt!
Like a row of sharp teeth!
 Hot glued right inside the open flap.
 Add colored glue for spots, horns, freckles, etc.
 Make your monster have multiple eyes...or just one!
 The snaps can be covered with eyes, or on the sides like cheeks!
 Fill with school supplies, colored pencils, markers...
Or add a monster pen and some candy for a great party favor!
 They are cute and full of personality!

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