Patriotic Parade Tote!

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 Patriotic Parade Tote!
Make the most adorable patriotic tote bag!
Great for a kids craft and fun for parade candy...
or books from the library for summer reading!
 This would be adorable on a shirt too!
You will need:
White tote bag, shirt or other fun thing to stencil on!
Vinyl cut in the shape of a star
Red and Blue paint
Pencil with new eraser
Place the vinyl on the tote bag and the cardboard inside to separate the layers.
Then use the back of paintbrushes or the pencil eraser to paint
 confetti dots all around the star.
Be sure to get some close to the star so when it is removed the outline will remain.
Repeat forever...
You can use different sizes of dots...
Then finish off with big, bold dots!
I used a couple of shades of each color for depth.
Let it dry slightly, but then remove the vinyl while it's still slightly wet.
And then let it dry completely.
Then remove cardboard and enjoy at that point...or...
Get some sturdy canvas fabric and an old karate belt!
Cut and sew an insert for the bag.
Stitching the corners to make a box shaped base.
Then fit the insert inside the bag.
Wrong sides touching each other.
Fold the top part over twice and then stitch it in place.
Next, cut the karate belt to make 2 fabulous straps!
Stitch them in the tote and enjoy!
Perfect for catching lots of Salt Water Taffy in the local parade!
Or great for summer reading fun too!
Or great for a beach bag too!
Again, this would be great for a shirt or throw pillow.
Awesome Patriotic Star confetti tote!

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