Police Box TARDIS Tote Bag!

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 Police Box TARDIS Tote Bag!
It's another fabulous Doctor Who week here at Doodlecraft.
If it's your first time stopping in...let me warn you,
we are huge Doctor Who fans!
There's lots of Doctor Who geekery crafts and DIY here!
My very talented daughter designed this TARDIS.
I asked for a "fat, chubby and slightly skewampus cartoony version"
 I'd say she did amazing with this little guy!
 It reminds me of the adorable BB8 she designed too!

I altered it into a line drawing in Photoshop and then imported it into Silhouette Studio.
Traced the outline, reversed it and then cut--full tutorial here.
I cut it out of blue flocked heat transfer vinyl.
 Weeded out the excess vinyl and then place it face down on the tote.
I got these from Oriental Trading.
By themselves, they are pretty thin and cheap quality.
But with a little sprucing up, they are awesome! 
 Okay, cover with a cloth.
Usually I use a tea towel...but the plaid was all I had close.
 Then a little ironing right on the plastic.
Use caution and iron about 2 minutes.
 Peel back the backing slowly, re-ironing if necessary.
 Next, sturdy up the bag!
I found this awesome metallic gold houndstooth material at the mart
 and an old blue Karate belt.
 Cut the gold material about a half inch on each side.
 Put the right side together and stitch down the edges.
Then cut the top edge about 4-5 inches from the top of the bag.
Then fold and sew the top edge.
 Slip it inside the tote.
Then fold the fabric over the tote...make sure you cut the handles off first.
and stitch around the tote.
 Then sew the straps inside the bag.
 Cut strings and smile!
The bag is perfection!
Great for birthday gifts, party favors, book bags, groceries, or any other reason
to have a super cool, totally geeky, amazing tote!
 Police Box Tardis tote.
Pin now, make later!
Come back tomorrow for more fun Doctor Who craftiness!!!

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