Grass Head Planters!

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 Grass Head Planters!
This posted on Oriental Trading Blog last year!
I received supplies from Oriental Trading in exchange for this craft idea.
This is a fun craft to do with children!
Teach children about gardens!
 You will need Ceramic Mini Flower Pots
from Oriental Trading.
 Begin by hot gluing eyes onto the flower pot.
 Hold in place until cools.
 Use colored hot glue or tube paints to draw mouths,
eyelashes, eyebrows, freckles or other features.
 Let them cool or dry completely
(Hot glue dries faster, but is not good for small children)
 Now add potting soil and grass seeds and let them grow.
Keep the soil moist and in the sun light.  A window sill works great!
 After your grass has grown,
They will need to be styled!
 Let the child style the grass with scissors.
 Avoid using the word "Haircut", but call it grass instead.
This way children are not confused and think that DIY haircuts are okay.
 Now they looks trimmed and great!
 This is a fun craft for kids to learn about planting and growing plants,
Caring for and being patient as the grass grows and
 having fun clipping the grass as it grows.

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