Sleeping Beauty Princess Inspired Hairbow!

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Sleeping Beauty Princess Inspired Hairbow!
I love Sleeping Beauty.
Honestly, I like the blue dress better...but someone needed to wear the pink dress I guess!
We had fun meeting Aurora at Disney World too!
My daughter is 12...and I don't have a baby girl,
so I keep her stocked with super girly things anyway.
This is a fun way to cosplay with older kids and keep them subtly princesses!

I get my satin ribbon from Papermart.
They don't compensate me and I am not affiliated with them.
Wish they did...I buy this ribbon by the truck full!
1 yard of each color/size
1.5 inch Azalea
1 inch white
7/8 inch Azalea
Then wrap and gather the ribbon and tie off with thread.
No worries, there is a full tutorial here!
You'll also need 2 other elements...3 elements make the perfect bow.
Stack the layers and tie them with thread...I use hot glue too.
Then top with some pink Birdcage veil netting.
Place some hot glue on top in the center and then top with a single satin rosette.
Now to finish off the back.
This is the tutorial I use, it's a great way to use the bow as a clip or a headband.
Super cute and subtle Sleeping Beauty!
Great for baby headbands or as a brooch!

Check out this Briar Rose Bow too!

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