Cinderella Princess Inspired HairBow!

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Cinderella Princess Inspired HairBow!
I love Cinderella!
She is my all time favorite Disney Princess...maybe it's the blue.
Maybe it's the shoes...?
 Story time:
We went to Disney World in 2013.  
I insisted that we get fast passes to see the Princesses.
My boys were not thrilled but were gracious and went along with it.
They said they were not going to talk to the princesses or get pictures with them.
As we approached Cinderella, she smiled at my boys and said 
"Oh, little Princes!"
They were both dumbstruck and enamored.  
They were thrilled with all the attention they got from the most beautiful princess and were insistent that they get their picture taken!
Look at those faces.
Totally adorable
Thanks Cinderella!!! 
 So, I intended on doing more of the live-action movie Cinderella inspiration...
you know, Lily James with the butterfly gown?
 I used Satin Ribbon from Papermart.
They don't compensate me, I wish they did.  I buy ribbon by the truck load!
You will need 1 yard of each color/size of ribbon
Light blue 1.5 inch
Silver 1 inch
light blue 7/8 inch.
Also, 3 elements are the best way to design a shabby chic bow.
So I used Birdcage Veil netting and a butterfly.
(which I ended up changing to rhinestones and a chiffon flower)
 To wrap the bows, click this link for the full tutorial with pictures.
 Then start stacking!
 I hot glued the silver to the big blue,
Then added the birdcage veil netting.
Just gather and hot glue...then press the small chiffon flower on top, 
so no burned fingers!
 Now, I got to this point, fully intending on using this butterfly...
but it just did not look good.  If it wasn't so black...maybe.
I need iridescent butterflies...maybe next time.
Instead I used a rhinestone button.  It's classy!
Then I used 2 one inch pieces of elastic and a felt circle to make the backing.
Full tutorial for that is here.
 Then slip it on a clip or a headband and it's ready to wear!
Subtle nod to Cinderella!
Great for everyday cosplay!

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