Undercooked Armadillos Shirt!

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6:00 AM
 I try not to eat undercooked armadillos.
No worries, it doesn't make sense to me either.
We had a funny t-shirt design contest and this was one of the top 10.
I decided to make it into a shirt for my brother.
First you need an adorable and creepy armadillo.
 We lived in the south for 3 years and armadillos were always around...mostly as roadkill.
They are so freaky looking!
If you a beginner to Heat Transfer Vinyl Shirt Making check out this first!
Otherwise, you'll just import your design in to the cutting software,
I use Silhouette Studio.
Then type your text.
REVERSE everything!
Then have it cut it out.
Place face down on your shirt. (now it reads the right way)
 Place a tea towel over the vinyl and iron on high for 2 minutes.
Then remove the tea towel and iron on the plastic carefully.
Then remove the plastic backing, re-iron as necessary.
 As for care instructions.
I find that over time the vinyl can lift off...especially the more intricate patterns.
Flip the shirt inside out to wash.
Cover with tea towel and re-iron if necessary.
After that...make a new shirt!

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